The Ecstasy & Agony of Being a Red Sox Fan Stanley Harris


Published: July 22nd 2014

Kindle Edition

570 pages


The Ecstasy & Agony of Being a Red Sox Fan  by  Stanley Harris

The Ecstasy & Agony of Being a Red Sox Fan by Stanley Harris
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The Ecstasy & Agony of Being a Red Sox Fan describes the highs and lows, the fulfillment and disappointment, and the gratification and frustration of following the Boston Red Sox for more than seven decades - as a child, a teenager, an adult, and a senior. Reading it may help explain the peculiar paranoia that permeates the psyche of Red Sox fans.These are some of the episodes of ecstasy and agony that Ive experienced since I went to my first Red Sox game in 1942:AGONY (1948) The first play-off game in major league history was going to be played at Fenway Park the next day.I didn’t sleep much that night.

I was nervous about the game and upset that I would be in school when it was being played. I thought about telling Mom that I felt sick, but knew that it would never work.The Cleveland Manager, Lou Boudreau, selected Gene Bearden, who had beaten the Red Sox twice that season, to pitch for the Indians. Joe McCarthy, in a move that no one understood, picked Denny Galehouse as the Red Sox starter over Mel Parnell. Parnell had won 15 games and was rested. He was one of the Sox aces, and would go on to win more games for the team than any left-hander.

Galehouse, who had an 8-7 record, was 36 years old and at the tail end of his career.It wasn’t close. Halfway through the game, a teacher came into our classroom and said that the Sox were losing 6-2. There was a collective groan. By the time I got home from the school, the game was over. The Sox had lost, 8-3.ECSTASY (1975) “Carlton Fisk was the first batter in the last of the 12th. The first pitch was a ball. Fisk hit the next pitch, a low fastball, high and deep. I followed the ball and saw that it would clear the Green Monster. I couldn’t tell if was fair or foul.

Then I saw it drop back down to the field. The crowd erupted. Fair ball. Home run. Sox win.”AGONY (1978) ““What happened?” I yelled again. I got an unintelligible reply. The only word I could make out was Dent. Bucky Dent was the Yankees’ light-hitting shortstop. “Say again, please!” “!!#$#@%&*!! Dent just hit a three-run homer! Four-two, Yanks.” Among Red Sox fans that expletive would become Bucky Dent’s middle name.”AGONY (1986) “I heard Carter single, Mitchell single and Knight single, scoring Carter.

I heard the Mets crowd roaring. Bob Stanley replaced Schiraldi and threw a wild pitch. Mitchell scored. Red Sox five, Mets five. I heard Mookie Wilson hit a slow ground ball that went through Bill Buckner’s legs, scoring Knight. Mets six, Red Sox five.”ECSTASY (2004) “In the ninth inning, along with every Red Sox fan in Busch Stadium and around the world, I was on my feet when Renteria came up to bat with two outs and the Sox leading 3-0.

On the second pitch from Foulke, Renteria hit a one-hop ground ball back to Foulke, who underhanded the ball to Doug Mientkiewicz. The Red Sox were world’s champions.”ECSTASY (2013) “Koji still wearing his glove as he was lifted into the air by Big Papi, wearing ski goggles over a motorcycle helmet . . . Jacoby Ellsbury lifting both arms in the air and shouting, “YES!!” . . . John Farrell jubilantly waving the Commissioner’s Trophy .

. . and the inevitable champagne spray-fest in their clubhouse by exultant be-goggled Red Sox.”

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